Cover comparison

After by Anna Todd

                                 German cover
UK cover
US cover

Here's my first cover comparison:)
I like all three covers but I think I prefer the German one
bc it's uncluttered and you know the sentence 
"less is more"
So I think it looks more serious.
I love the way the neon colors look together with
the grey background.
The 5 books of the series look so nice together.
I think I like the UK cover the second most bc it's completely 
I like the used colors.
In my opinion the US cover looks a bit (I don´t know how to explain)
maybe bare and gloomy.
It is somehow not so appealing.
Which is your fave cover?

But no matter which cover, the story is simply great.
My absolute fave book.
You find a detailed review at the "book reviews"side.
You really need to  read it!!!


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