Trouble - Chelsea Fine

Title: Trouble - süchtig nach dir
original title: Perfect kind of trouble
Author : Chelsea Fine 
Pages : 381  
Publishing date : January 2014 
Publishing company : Blanvalet Verlag
Where to get :

Kayla doesn’t do bad boys–in any sense of the word. So when Daren Ackwood rolled up to her late father’s funeral in his shiny sports car with sex and charisma coming off him in waves, she turned her head. She was in this tiny, God-forsaken town to take care of her father’s will, nothing more. But it seems taking care of her father’s will might just mean spending some quality time with Daren–a prospect she wishes didn’t turn her on so much.

Daren wasn’t sure why Old Man Turner would mention him in his will at all. But as it turns out, Turner’s will is more of a scavenger hunt. A very long, very confusing scavenger hunt. But Daren can’t afford to miss out on a wealthy inheritance, not with the way things have been going for him lately. He’ll do whatever it takes to find that money—even if that means being handcuffed to a feisty blonde named Kayla for a few days.

I like the story , especially the two main characters Kayla and Daren. Both hating each other because of reasonable problems ,they get closer although they both have different characters but as it turns out they are more less in the same situation, with no person loving them left. The reasons they used to hate each other will also be solved with an unexpected turning point. The book was sometimes a little boring in the middle but all in all it was an extraordinary and interesting story which I would really recommend reading !

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