Wenn du mich siehst - Nicholas Sparks

Title: Wenn du mich siehst
English title: See me
Author: Nicholas Sparks
Pages: 567
Language: German
Publishing date: 08.03.16
publishing company: Heyne   http://www.randomhouse.de/
Genre: Love, Thriller
ISBN: 978-3-453-26876-0


Colin Hancock is giving his second chance his best shot. At twenty-eight, he's focused on getting his teaching degree and avoiding all the places and people that proved so destructive in his past. The last thing he's looking for is a serious relationship. But when he crosses paths with Maria Sanchez one rainswept night, his carefully structured life is turned upside down. And when Maria, a hardworking lawyer, meets Colin she begins to question every notion she has ever had about herself and her future - and what truly makes her happy. Before the couple has a chance to envision a life together, menacing reminders from events in Maria's past begin to surface. And as the threat of violence begins to shadow her every step, she and Colin will be pushed to breaking point. The stunning new love story from the multi-million-copy bestselling author, Nicholas Sparks, See Me is a story of obsession, reinvention and a love that defies every expectation.

My opinion: ♥♥♥♥♥

Before I started reading it I read a few reviews and there were as much people who doesn't like the book as people who liked it so I had fear that maybe the book isn't so good. But I don´t know what´s wrong with the guys woh don't like it. It´s one of the best books I ever read! The beinning is kind of a typical lovestory. A good, smart and shy girl falls in love with a boy who lookes like a bad boy. But there's a litte difference. He isn't a bad boy anymore. He changed himself before he met Maria so he didnt change himself for her but for himself. That's not like in other lovestorys. He's such a nice guy. I really like him. I also liked that the part they fall in love isn't the main thing of the book. I mean ther´s the thing with Ken and her job and than the stalker. So the story was sweet and thrilling. That´s such a good combination. The end was so good and I never expected it to end like that.

In my opinion the book has a background thought. In fact I think the book wants to show you that everybody deserves a second chance. Everybody makes mistakes. Colin has a bad past. But he changed himself so people shouldn't see him as the boy he was before. He's a new person and regrets his faults. Margolis don't like him because of his past bc he don't wanna see the new Colin. But at the end Margolis noticed the new Colin. Colin saved his life although they hate each other.

I think that's an important thing in life.
Don't have prejudices!!!
You should definitely read this book!!!

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